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APT Collectibles Becomes Exclusive Agent for AAHS Journal Back Issues

28/March/2005 -- As part of its program to expand its product offerings, APT Collectibles announces that it has reached an exclusive arrangement with the American Aviation Historical Society for the inventory and sales of the society's Journal back issues.  The AAHS is dedicated to preserving a record of the planes, people, places and events that shape American aviation history.  Part of the AAHS goals and objectives is the dissemination of this information through quarterly journals that are now entering their 50th year of publication.  In order to provide wider distribution and more prompt order fulfillment, the AAHS management has contracted with APT Collectibles to become their exclusive agent for journal back issues.  A complete list of available issues can be found on the APT Collectibles web site ( under the aviation (Planes) section. 

Hayden Hamilton, VP of Sales and Marketing for APT stated, "We feel that this relationship will afford our customers with ease of access for obtaining a class of products we cannot offer directly.  We believe that the arrangement with the AAHS will provide mutual benefit through the ability to securely order AAHS Journal back issues through the convenience of the internet.  He goes on to say that, " This step represents just one of many planned for the coming year that will help APT Collectibles carve out a unique niche in the collectibles market targeted at the transportation industry. "


APT (Automobiles, Planes and Trains) Collectibles specializes in collectible memorabilia associated with the transportation industry.  Be it historic aircraft from the Golden Age of Flight, World War 2 or modern civilian and military aviation there is something to excite the interest of any aviation collector.  For the railroad enthusiast, APT provides a unique collection of memorabilia for those of the steam persuasion - steam locomotives and engines.  

APT strives to provide the highest quality collectibles manufactured by craftsmen dedicated to providing the most accurate presentation possible.  We are concerned with delivering the highest value for the money that will maintain its investment value with time.

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