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American Aviation Historical Society Journals

Special Airline and Airliner Journal Sets


The American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS) is dedicated to preserving a record of the planes, people, locations and events that comprise American history.  Beginning its 50th year of operation, the society has published a quarterly journal every year.   For more information about the AAHS, please visit their Website at (

AAHS Journals by Volume
AAHS Journals by Individual Issues


The issues and Journal sets listed below feature articles (or multi-part articles) on American airlines and airliners. Specific issues are shown in parentheses (volume and issue number).

[Note:  Pricing shown is for U.S. and Canadian orders only.  If you need to place an international order, you currently will need to order via Mail using the and APT Collectibles order form ( Get Order Form (pdf) ).]

Part# Airline Price

V23N3    Aeromarine Airways 

V45N3    Air Cal, Aircraft History of  

V47N4    Airwest Airlines & Predecessors 

AAHSALL    Allegheny Airlines; Treetop Airmail, Parts I & II 
(V39N1, V39N2)

V18N2    Antilles Air Boats 

V25N4    Boston-Maine & Central Vermont Airways (Northeast Airlines)

V46N3    Braniff International Airways, Aircraft History of

V46N2    Chicago & Southern Airline 1933-1953, Aircraft History of

AAHSCOL    Colonial Air Transport, Parts I & II
(V18N4, V19N1)

V24N3    Delta Air Lines 1929-1979, Aircraft History of

V45N1    Eastern Airlines, The Martin 404s of 

V22N2    Florida Airways

V22N4    North Central Airlines, Aircraft History of

AAHSPAN    Pan American (Pam Am Clippers, Pan Am & Igor Sikorsky, 
       Pan Am & the Martin Clippers)
(V33N1,V44N1, V46N3)

V45N3    PSA, History of 

V31N4    Santa Fe Skyway

AAHSTWA    Trans World Airlines (DC-2 & TWA, Boeing 307 & TWA, 
       Standard Airlines, Maddux Airlines 1927-1929, Martins of TWA
       (Part II of 404)
(V35N1, V38N3, V39N3, V42N2, V44N3)

AAHSUA    United Airlines (Aircraft history 1926-1959)

AAHSVAR    Varney Airlines, Parts I & II
(V16N3, V16N4)

V21N1    Western Air Lines, Aircraft History of

V26N3    West Indian Aerial Express

AAHSEAR    Early Airlines, Parts II thru VII
(V31N1, V31N2, V31N3, V31N4, V32N1, V32N2)

AAHSTAS    Development of Transcontinental Air Service, Parts I & II
(V23N1, V23N2)


V49N2    Boeing 40 Airmail Aircraft   (V49N2) $10.00

V38N3    Boeing 307 and TWA    (V38N3) $6.00

V21N4    Convair 990     (V21N4) $6.00

AAHSDC3    Douglas DC-3, Parts I thru III   (V30N4, V31N1, V31N2) $18.00

V37N4    Douglas DC-4   (V37N4) $6.00

V29N2    Douglas DC-5   (V29N2) $6.00

V38N2    Douglas DC-6, & DC-6A/B/C    (V38N2) $6.00

V40N3    Douglas DC-7    (V40N3) $6.00

V22N1    Curtiss C-46 Commando Airliners    (V22N1) $6.00

V20N3    Early Airliners    (V20N3) $6.00

V36N3    Fairchild F-27    (V36N3) $6.00

V23N2    Lockheed Model 10    (V23N2) $6.00

V21N2    Lockheed Model 14    (V21N2) $6.00

V45N1    Martin 404 ( of TWA & Eastern Airlines)    (V45N1) $6.00

V24N4    Sikorsky Flying Boats    (V24N4) $6.00

V25N3    Sikorsky S-43    (V26N3) $6.00

V42N2    Post WWII Airliners    (V42N2) $6.00

Note:  Availability subject to inventory.  Some individual issues are in short supply and may not be available at time of order.  If you are interested in specific issues, please check availability before ordering.

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