AAHS Journal Volume 49 (2004)
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Flying Aircraft Carriers of the USAF: Project FICON Section 3: Thunderflash    Brian Lockett   
Life at the 1949 National Air Races with the Christensen Goodyear Midget "Zipper" Warren Eberspacher, AAHS   
Flight Training and American Aviation Pioneers James K. Libbey   
The Known North American O-47 Aircraft Assigned to the Pre-World War II National Guard Squadrons W.J. Bennett, M Sgt, USAF (Ret)   
Aircraft Photos by Emil Strasser, Part VI: The '30s, '40s and 1957  Al Hansen   
A Tale of Two P-51s Named Joan Merle Olmsted   
The Waco Model F  Al Hansen  
General Eisenhower's Modified B-25J Used During World War II   Lt. Col George A. Larsen, USAF (Ret)   



Flying Aircraft Carriers of the USAF: Project FICON Section 4: Systems & Operations   Brian Lockett   
The Last Formal Act      Jay Miller   
Boeing Model 40 and Its Descendants; the Great Mailplane of the Twenties Walt Bohl   
"Flying Coffin" and "Pearl of the Sky"; The worst and at the same time the best fighter aircraft of WWII  Bas Kreuger   
D-Day and the Yoxford Boys Merle Olmsted   
Waco Cabin Aircraft, Part 1, 1931 to 1935, the early years Al Hansen   
"Kinsvater Remembers" the Luftwaffe JG27 Squadron Wayne McPherson Gomes   
Cripes A'Mighty Reborn Jim Caiella   



Arlington Sisu 1A: Rise and Demise of America's Most Successful Competition Sailplane Russell E. Lee  
Charles P. "Chuck" Doyle Terry Love   
The Fighting 54th,  The Forgotten Squadron of the Forgotten War Part I  John Haile Cloe   
Finding the Redheaded Woman Charlie Henry   
Cold War in Alaska Terry Love  
Army Cooperation in the former Netherlands East Indies, 1945-1950. The Story of the Piper L--4J Cubs of the NEIAF Dr. P.C. Boer   
Max Holtzem: An "Old Eagle" of the First World War. Part One: Flight Instructor and Test Pilot Walter A. Musciano and Nick Hauprich   



The Navy's Striking Eagles Squadron, Part I Thomas F. Gates   
Douglas B-23 Dragon Lt. Col. George A. Larson, USAF (Ret.)  
Korean War First: VF-53 vs. the Soviet Fleet Air Arm Joe Brennan   
"The Fighting 54th"    The Forgotten Squadron of the Forgotten War, Part II John Haile Cloe  
The Air Force's early Airlift and Operation Strawboss Maj. Gen. Stephen T. Keefe, Jr. USAFR (Ret.)   
The Post-WWII USAF Bomber Designs that Never Flew E.R. Johnson   
Aircraft Photos by Emil Strasser Part VII - the '30s, '40s and 1962 Al Hansen (Photos courtesy of Gery Liang)  
The Tragic Flight of Boeing's Prototype Model 307 Stratoliner John B. Russell   
Max Holtzem: An "Old Eagle" of the First World War. Part Two: Fighter Pilot  Walter A. Musciano and Nick Hauprich   


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