AAHS Journal Volume 48 (2003)
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A Shadow over the Horizon: The Bell X-2 

Robert W. Kempel with Richard E. Day


History of Night Air Combat World War II

Harold D. Meakin


Armand J. Thieblot, Aircraft Designer 

Kent A. Mitchell


Aviation Division of the Texas Company, Part I, 1928 to 1945 

Al Hanson


Cairns Aircraft 

 Ev Cassagneres


Instrument Flying and Radio Navigation, the Early Years

Richard C. Hill


Boeing Stratocruiser 

Peter Berry, MRAeS


Aircraft Photos by Emil Strasser: Part IV 1930's 

Compiled by Al Hansen (Photos courtesy of Gerry Liang)






Lt.Col. B. C. Reed (USAF, Ret.)


Flying Aircraft Carriers of the USAF: Project FICON Section 1: Thunderjet

Brian Lockett


Aviation Operations of Standard Oil Corporation And Affiliates,1919-1941 (Part of Project Oil Wings)

Al Hansen


Bristol XLRQ-1 Glider Story: Bristol Aeronautical Corporation New Haven, Connecticut

Ev Cassagneres


SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY The Air Fields of the Sixth Air Force FRANCE FIELD

Dan Hagedorn


Helicopter Projects at GE's Schenectady Flight Test Center

 Roger W. Story


Flight 203 Remembered

Richard Seaman


Aircraft Operated by Pure Oil Company 1931-1940 (Part of Project Oil Wings)

Al Hansen





Robert E. Williams, 1923-2003



Gee Whiz! How Col. Joh Paul Stapp set the Land Speed Record, Discovered Murphy's Law, and Might have saved Your Life

Nick T. Spark


"Sky Gypsies" The Transocean Airline Story 

Joe Weber with tables and photos by Walt Bohl


"Vertical Envelopment!" A story about "Operation Varsity" based on the eyewitness account of Lt. Col. Robert E. Thomas, USAFR (ret.)

E.R. Johnson


A Man and His Dream, Part 1: In the Beginning

Wayne M. Gomes


Martin's PBM Mariner 1937-1956 Bob Smith, VPB-216, VPB-21 (prepared in 1984)   
The Hagerstown Airport Kent A. Mitchell   
Aircraft Photos by Emil Strasser: Part V, Cleveland 1947 Al Hansen (Photos courtesy Gery Liang)   
Walter Matthews Jefferies            1921-2003    



The Birth of the Delta Wing Robert E. Bradley   
Katherine Stinson: Pioneering Aviatrix  Lori Burrup   
Flying Aircraft Carriers of the USAF, Project FICON, Section 2: Thunderstreak Brian Lockett   
Buy A Thunderbolt Jeremy C. Scutts   
The Red Rippers:  1927- 2002 Thomas F. Gates   


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