AAHS Journal Volume 47 (2002)
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The Life and Times - and Writings of J. Earl Steinhauer ( AKA, "The Earl of Steinhauer")  Kent A Mitshell 2
Utah Gliding History, 1927-1950 (Part II - 1933-1938) -  Bob Meakin 14
What's in a Name Eugene M. Gillum, M.D. 28
California Mosquitoes Norman Malayney 35
The Al Williams Saga, (He taught Young Americans How to Fly) Walter A. Musciano; (Drawings by the Author) 50
Aircraft History of Eastern Air Lines: 1928-1991 (Part 1- Propeller Aircraft: 1928-1946) Walt Bohl 62
Room 9 - One Man's Memories of World War II  Walter Neuwirth 72




The Al Williams Saga: He taught young America how to Fly (Part II) Walter A. Musciano 82
The Crosswind Landing Gear Ercoupe Gifford Bull 90
Utah Gliding History 1927-1950 (Part III 1939-1950) Bob Meakin 94
Transatlantic Coronados Peter Berry, MRAeS 108
The Pirate of the Everglades and his Airline of the Stars Joe Weber 112
The Boeing P-26 Peashooter: The First all-metal U.S. Army Fighter Aircraft George A. Larson, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) 116
One For the Wazzit File Jay E. Wright 123
How a Ryan STA Sport Trainer became an RCAF Fighter in the Film Dive Bomber Al Hansen & Walt Jefferies 124
June 1923 - A Busy Month at San Diego (Don't You Wish You Had Been There?) Ed L. Leiser 126
Brodie System Terry M. Love 136
The World's Fastest Piston-Engined Airplanes Dip-Ing Robert W. Kempel 140
DC-4/C-54 Conversions to ATL-98 Carvairs: Built by Aviation Traders (Engineering) LTD of England Walt Bohl 151




Test Pilot Charles Edward Fitzwater Kent A. Mitchell 162
The Al Williams Saga: He Taught Young America to Fly Part III  Walter A. Musciano 170
Douglas B-26 "Invader" The Light Bomber of the Korean War, June 1950-July 1953 George A. Larson, Lt. Col USAF (Ret) 180
The Aircraft of the Shell Oil Company in the 1930s (Part of Project Oilwings) Compiled by Al Hansen 190
Development of the "Straight-Through" Turbojet Engine Peter Berry 198
Aircraft Photos of Emil Strasser, Part II Compiled by Al Hansen 204
The GE Schenectady Flight Test Center; Its Origins and Early History Robert W. Story 208
The Fokker Aircraft Company of America Charles Froesch 216
Flames to the Tail Feathers (Crash of a DC-3) John R. Dobson 226
Design and Development of the Douglas XB-42 Carlos Wood 230





The DeHavilland Comet, and CAA Protection of American Aircraft Manufacturers Janet McGee 242
The Final Blow to the Curtiss Airplane Division Richard A. Morley 252
Waco Aircraft:  the Early Years Photos from the Walter M. Jefferies Collection, compiled by Al Hansen 254
A Local Service Equation (B+P+WC=AW=HAW) Airlines, Evolution from Local Service to Global Joe Weber 260
Development History of the Beech 99 John W. Hazlet, Jr. 265
Joseph G. Weisinger's Invention Kent A. Mitchell 272
They Called Him "Jake"  John W. "Jack" Coe 276
More About Al Williams' Gulfhawk Peter M. Bowers 282
A Speed Greater Than That of Sound Robert W. Kempel 286
Southern Cross and the Blue Bird Merle Olmsted 298
To Catch a Falling Star (Missle Reentry Projects) Roger W. Story 300
Lufbery: An Idol of Two Countries and Victim of the Great War James P. Harrison 305
Aircraft Photos by Emil Strasser: Part III Boeing 100s Compiled by Al Hansen, photos courtesy of Gery Liang 313

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