AAHS Journal Volume 44 (1999)
Table of Contents


Vol. Article Author Page
  The Fairchild C-82 Packet Ken A. Mitchell 2
  Americans and Nationalist Chinese Military Aviation, 1929-1949 Guangqiu Xu, Ph.D 16
  Igor Sikorsky and Pan American Airlines Thomas Reilly 28
  Korean War Airfield "K" and "J" Numbers Robert C. Mikesh 32
1 The Liberator "Sky Queen of the Lettuce Run" Richard A. Morley 34
  The Ugly Duckling Edward Spasek 40
  Dissecting an Air Force (Air Disarmament Division's Role in Neutralizing the Luftwaffe and Plundering its Secrets) Russell Lee 46
  Aircraft Photos from the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Airport 1947-1948 Photos by Roger F. Besecker 56
  The Enigmatic P-40G Eric C. Hart 60
  The Lockheeds That Never Were (Part I) Bill Slayton 65
  Richard S. Boutelle: Aviation Executive Kent A. Mitchell 82
  The 1996 National Stearman Fly In: A Stearman Silver Celebration Kenneth D. Wilson & Thomas E. Lowe 92
  The Lady Was a Test Pilot: WASP Ann Baumgartner Carl at Wright Field Richard A. Morley 98
2 The Lockneeds that Never Were: Part II Bill Slayton 102
  The Jet Aircraft History of the United States: Part II Walt Bohl 114
  Americans and Nationalist Chinese Military Aviation, 1929-1949 Addendum Guangqiu Xu 139
  Harold G. Martin: One of Aviation's Great Photographers Fred E. Bamberger with A. Kevin Grantham 142
  When Did Glenn Martin First Fly? John R. Breihan 148
  75 Years Ago - First Around the World by Air Robert E. Williams 162
  Umbaugh 18 Gyrocopter Kent A. Mitchell 182
  The Martins of TWA (Part II - The 404) Ed Betts 190
  Common Man - Uncommon Pilot (The Story of Army Air Forces Lt. Frank Lowell Titel) Richard A. Morley 202
3 The Lockheeds that Never Were (Part III - Vega Airplane Company) Bill Slayton 208
  The Goodyear Blimp: A Continuing Tradition Earl See, Photos by Al Hansen 220
  Boeing's B-47 Stratojet, America's First Swept Wing Turbojet Bomber George A. Larson, Lt Col USAF (ret) 222
  The Mystery Mosquito Norman Malayney 230
  GE's B-45s, 1950-1957 Roger W. Story & A.B. Liptak 232
  Development of Transport Airplanes and Air Transport Equipment Part I - The Beginnings of Military Transportation by Air: 1917-1929 Complied by Historical Division Inteligence, T-2 ATSC, Wright Field, April 1946 242
  Diminutive Test Pilot Richard "Dick" Spano Kent A. Mitchell 255
  RB-57A and RB-57D in Republic of China Air Force Service Wai Yip 259
4 Vought Aircraft Production 1917-1968 Complied by Arthur L Schoeni 274
  Altitude Sickness and the Oxygen Mask: The American Experience in Europe During WWII Jack B. Shelton, Jr. 282
  The Lockheeds that Never Were: Part IV Bill Slayton 288
  The Douglas DB-8A/3N F. Gerdessen 298
  Adventures with Junior Lee M. Symson CWO, USAF (ret) 308
  Two Semi-Mystery Planes Peter M. Bowers 314

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