AAHS Journal Volume 43 (1998)
Table of Contents


Vol. Article Author Page
  Detour in the Solomon Islands (Part 1: Lost at Sea) Lawrence P. Gunshol 2
  The Diary of Jimmie Mattern, Pioneer Airman (Part V) Jimmie Mattern 20
1 What ever Happened to the Fairchild 228? Kent A. Mitchell 38
  The Dive Col. Harold E. Comstock & Thomas E. Lowe 45
  Al Williams: Hero, Mentor, Friend Ole C. Griffith, Col. USAF (ret) 54
  Medal of Honor Aviators: Horace S. Carswell, Major USAAF William J. Bennett 59
  Mr. Custer and His Channel Wing Airplanes Kent A. Mitchell 62
  The Air Transport Command - The Shortest Link in the Chain Jack E. King, Jr. 82
  Detour in the Solomon Islands - Part II: Guadalcanal Lawrence Gunshol 94
  Lockheed XR60-1 Constitution L.M. Hammer 110
2 Young Man, Can you Sell Our Flying Boats to the British? J.H. Miller, FRAeS, FRSA 113
  Dick Henson's Test Flights of the F501 Sea Bird Kent A. Mitchell 116
  FIDO in the Aleutians Geoffrey Williams 122
  Brewster 339E Buffalo - The Luckless Defender of Singapore Jarmo Nikkonen 126
  Mid Air - 1922 Merle Olmsted 150
  Project Shirley U.S. Army C-47 Skytrains Arthur Pearcy 162
  Down in the Drink Merle Olmsted 174
  Sunrise in the West Edward S. Flynn 189
  B-52 Crash Cold War Veterans Memorial Noel Allard 192
3 Air Force SA-16A Steerable JATO Tests Kent A. Mitchell 194
  The First 8th Air Force Mission Peter Berry 198
  China Odyssey: 1939 Robert W. Fausel with Richard A Morley 200
  Postscript with a Vengeance Dan Hagedorn 222
  The Story of Waco N4N Peter M Bowers 225
  Charlie Taylor and the World's First Military Airplane Pete Unitt 228
  Selling Aviation in South America (the C.W. Webster Chronicle) Richard A. Morley 242
  Task Force Slide (USAF C-130 Ski Tests) Kent A. Mitchell 262
  A Fortress for the RAF Peter Berry MRAeS 276
4 Benoist: The Forgotten Man Thomas Reilly 279
  The Airacobra Aircraft in Soviet Aviation V. Roman, translated by Ray Wagner 282
  The Great SNAFU Fleet (A World War II History of the 1st Combat Cargo Squadron) Gerald A. White, Jr. 297
  MIT, Jerome C. Hunsaker and the Origins of Aeronautical Engineering, 1913-1916 Earl A. Thornton 306

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