AAHS Journal Volume 41 (1996)
Table of Contents


Vol. Article Author Page 
  Strategic Air Command Tail Markings, 1946-1953  Richard A. Rodrigues 2
  What, No Propeller?  Rex Hardy 12
1 NYRBA Airlines and Its Publicity  Don Thomas 17
  Fairchild KAQ-1 Lark  Kent A. Mitchell 24
  XP-54/R40-C (Part2of4) Gerald H. Balzer 28
  Grumman Manufactured Aircraft as of May 1994 (Part III)  Roger Seybel 54
  Secret Mission—Sikorsky H-19 in Vietnam 1957  Kent A. Mitchell 66
  The "Colonel" and His Aircraft  Fred W. Hotson 82
  XP-55/R40-C (Part3A of 4) Gerald H. Balzer 90
  Fred Borsodi—Profile of a Test Pilot, Patriot  Richard A. Morley 114
2 Curtiss Aviation Engines—An American Success Story  Lary M. Rinek 126
  The Zemke Fan and the Battle of the Aces  Colonel Hub Zemke 138
  Hiller XROE-1 RotorCycle  Arthur Pearcy, Jr., MRAeS 148
  A Nearly Forgotten Episode in the Activities of the Wright Company, The Hydroaeroplane School Quentin R. Wald 150
  XP-55/R40-C (Part 3B of 4) Gerald H. Balzer 162
  The P-51 -The Real Story Edward Horkey 178
3 General Curtis LeMay, The Strategic Air Command and the Korean War, 1950-1953 Theodore R. Jamieson, Ph.D. 190
  Charles Healy Day and His New Standards David B. Stevenson 200
  A New Way of War (The Development of Military Aviation in the American West, 1908-1945)  Roger D. Launius 220
  XP-56/R40-C Part4A  Gerald H. Balzer.. 242
  Our First Instrument Landing System  Robert F. Hegenberger 266
  Naval Air Supremacy and the Development of the Brewster Buffalo  Malcolm A. LeCompte 270
4 Aviation Manuscript Collections (Treasure or Trash?)  Robert H. Smith . 277
  Detachment 2 Goes to War (RB-45C Reconnaissance Activity in Korea, 1950-1953)  John C. Fredriksen, Ph.D. 282
  The Quest to Build a Great Airport in Winston-Salem  Walter R. Turner 288
  B-29: Made in Japan  Robert C. Mikesh 296
  Claire Chennault and China's "Airline Affair" Nancy Amson Wright 300

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