AAHS Journal Volume 40 (1995)
Table of Contents



Vol. Article Author Page
  104th Fighter Group (Massachusetts ANG) Ronald W. Harrison and Tom Hildreth 2
  Fairchild Model 45 'Sedan of the Air'  Kent A. Mitchell 10
  ATI and Operation LUSTY (Part I) Norman Malayney 16
1 Immortality of 'My Mary Lou', The Dr. Ted Jamison 26
  Navy and Coast Guard PB-1, The: A Summation Scott A. Thompson 28
  Curtiss O-52 'Owl', The Richard A. Morley 36
  Aerobatic & Racing Ace Florence Klingensmith H. Glenn Buffington 45
  Close Calls, or, An Engineer in Harm's Way Edward J. Horkey 46
  Richard A. Henson (Test Pilot--Airport Operator--Airline Owner) Kent A. Mitchell 58
  Unexpected Stratoliner Adventure Peter M. Bowers 71
  32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, History of the (Part I The Caribbean Years) G. Henk J. Scharringa 82
  Hiller OH-5A, The Saga of the Kent A. Mitchell 94
  Man in the Apple Tree, The Mary L. Scott 103
2 ATI and Operation LUSTY (Part II) Norman Malayney 110
  Fairchild 22, The Kent A. Mitchell 126
  Hawks in China in 1945 Gifford Bull 132
  Transatlantic Flight 1938-1945 (Part I 1938-1943) Peter Berry, MRAeS 134
  What's All the Fuss About? (My WAFS / WASP Flying Experience) Kathryn (Bernheim) Fine & Sam Parker 150
  ATI and Operation LUSTY (Part III) Norman Malayney 162
  Stearman Adventure AUSAF Hill Field, Utah-1949 Bob Meakin 178
  Transatlantic Flight 1938-1945 (Part II 1943-1945) Peter Berry, MRAeS 184
3 Incident in Italy, An Stan Staples and Jay Wright 197
  Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 Helicopter, The Kent A. Mitchell 200
  Last Sortie Tom Britton 215
  Grumman Manufactured Aircraft as of May 1994 (Part I) Roger Seybel 217
  Douglas DC-7, The Bob Williams 229
  Request for Data R40-C (The Origin of the XP-54, XP-55 and XP-56) Part 1 of 4 Gerald H. Balzer 242
  Kreider-Reisner Production Records 1927-1929 Kent A. Mitchell 264
  T-31, T-34 and T-35 Competition, The Don Pellegreno 268
4 Grumman C-1A Trader Kent A. Mitchell 276
  Grumman Manufactured Aircraft as of May 1994 (Part II) Roger Seybel 282
  With the 'Watson's Whizzers' and 'Operation Paperclip'  Isolde Baur 294
  Mexican Naval Aviation (An Update) Santiago A. Flores 308
  Earthbound Flying At Its Best Earl See 314

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