AAHS Journal Volume 39 (1994)
Table of Contents


Vol. Article Author Page
  Treetop Airmail-I Earl F. Stahl 2
  Remembering Paul E. Garber Robert C. Mikesh 14
  13 Minute Gap, The(B-17 Bombing) Charles L. Brown 22
1 Northrop N-9M Flying Wing (Part II Flight Testing) Bill Young & Gerald Balzer 32
  Martin Model 187 Dive Tests Kent A. Mitchell 46
  McDonnell's Aerial Jeep (Model 120 Helicopter) Francis J. Allen 50
  Six Days(Doolittle B-25 at McClellan Field) Ben Warner 68
  XB-43 Airplane, Case History of the Files of G. Balzer 82
  Bell Test Pilot Talks, A Chalmers H. Goodlin 94
  Hoverbuggy Dick Henke 102
  1922 .30-Caliber Browning Aircraft Machine Gun Drawn by J. A. Morrow 109
2 Treetop Airmail-II Earl F. Stahl 110
  Aviation Photographer Lyle S. Mitchell Kent A. Mitchell 124
  Iberian Mosquito, The Norman Malayney 134
  Civilian Pilot Training Program, The (At Parks Air College) Terry M. Love 140
  AC-119 'Shadow Gunships, The Kent A. Mitchell 148
  Aero Corporation of California & Standard Airlines Ed Betts 163
  Fairchild J44 Jet Engine, The Kent A. Mitchell 174
  Bendix Mosquitoes, The Norman Malayney 180
  Hiller XROE-1 Rotorcycle Kent A. Mitchell 190
3 2AT, Before the Ford Tri-motor Airplane Tim O'Callaghan 194
  Richard L. R. Atcherley at the 1932 Air Races Ritchie Thomas 198
  Military Commander, The: The Aero Commander L-26 / U-4 / U-9, Part I Nicholas M. Williams 202
  U. S. Aerial Victories Over Korea 1950-1953 Ned Avejic 216
  Seen Around the Northwest: Canadair CL 13A James A. Morrow 230
  Lockheed Q Star, The Jay E. Wright 234
  Military Commander, The: The Aero Commander L-26 / U-4 / U-9, Part II Nicholas M. Williams 242
  Hiller H-23 Raven, The Kent A. Mitchell 254
  Curtiss-Wright: Greatness and Decline Lou Eltscher 260
4 Flight Command  From the Collection of Walter Jefferies 275
  Vutee Engine-Test Aircraft in World War II Jonathan Thompson 276
  Jack Ammann Mosquitoes, The Norman Malayney 286
  Trouble Over North Island Mary Scott 294
  Liberator DIAMOND LIL, The Peter Berry,MRAeS 301
  Blind Flying: The Way It Was Jay E. Wright 304
  Big Sky Pioneer Pilot Esther Combes Vance H. Glenn Buffington 312

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