AAHS Journal Volume 38 (1993)
Table of Contents



Vol. Article Author Page
  McDonnell XV-1,The Francis J. Allen 2
  Case History of the XF-87 All-Weather Fighter Files of G. Balzer 20
1 AAC & AAF Civil Primary Flying Schools 1939-45 (Part IX, Tulsa Primary) Robert F. Schirmer, Col. USAF (Ret.) 32
  Mojave Vectors James D. Paules, Jr. Photos Jim Griffin 50
  Endless Track Landing Gear Kent A. Mitchell 55
  Douglas DC-6 Series, The (Part I - The DC-6) Robert E. Williams 58
  Admiral Marc A. Mitscher, USN: A Silhouette Paolo E. Coletta, USNA, (Ret.) 66
  Dargue's Destiny J. J. Snyder 82
  Cessna AT-17 / UC-78 Bobcat Serial Numbers Kent A. Mitchell 103
  December 7, 1941: Search and Attack !  L. P. Gunshol 108
2 Fairchild C-119 / R4Q Packet in Navy and Marine Corps Service,The 'People Beaters' Nicholas M. Williams 114
  Edna Gardner Whyte, In Celebration of the life of Ann Cooper 136
  Recollections of a Boeing F4B-4 Peter M. Bowers 138
  Douglas DC-6 Series, The (Part II - The DC-6A, DC-6B and DC-6C) Robert E. Williams 146
  Reminiscence, In Ed Kiessig 154
  Boeing 307 Stratoliners and TWA, The Ed Betts 162
  Hawke Crop Duster, The Lawrence E. Beidleman 184
  Douglas DC-6 Series, The (Part III - The C-118 and R6D-1 Liftmaster) Robert E. Williams 196
3 Bell XFL-1 Airabonita, Pretty Bird!, The Bob Martin 204
  WASP Fatalities WW II ? ,38 - 40 - 41 H. Glenn Buffington 218
  Beaver Tail C-119J, The Kent A. Mitchell 222
  American Hawks for China (Part I: The Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1940) Daniel Ford 227
  Northrop N-9M Flying Wing (Part I Description) Bill Young & Gerald Balzer 242
  In-Flight Simulation at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Facility Mary F. Shafer 260
4 1909 Renek Voisin, The (An Unusual Aircraft With an Advanced V-8 Engine) Larry M. Rinek 278
  C-119A Prototype, The Kent A. Mitchell 298
  American Hawks for China (Part II: The Special Air Unit, 1940-1941) Daniel Ford 301
  Len Povey--He Did It All ! Kent A. Mitchell 310

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