AAHS Journal Volume 35 (1990)
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Douglas DB-7/A-20 Boston/Havoc, The Robert E. Williams 2
Toilet That Almost Flushed an Airplane, The Jim Tuttle 16
Aero Commander 520, The Nicholas M. Williams 18
Yoxford Boys and the Me262,The Merle C. Olmsted 38
DC-2 and TWA Ed Betts 58
Jackie Cochran's Seversky AP-7 Drawings R. S. Hirsch 75
Northrop Model 2-G Racer Drawings R. S. Hirsch 78
Waco S3HD Drawings Bill Harney 80
Fifty Years of Transatlantic Flight Part I 1926-45 Dr. Richard K. Smith 82
Flying a Tiger ! L. Dan Sheridan, Jr 100
AU-18 Aerial Truck, The R. E. Martin 106
American Sideshow, An (The Technical History of the ZMC-2) Francis J. Allen 114
Aero Commander 520: Service Histories Nicholas M. Williams 118
Racing Merlins: From Cleveland to Reno (Part II) Birch Matthews and Dustin Carter 132
Fright Was Their Forte Edward L. Leiser 143
Heinemann: Before The Beginning Barrett Tillman 149
Charles A. Rector - Airman Extraordinary Mary Scott 155
Fairchild Porter Aircraft, The Jeep of the Air Kent A. Mitchell 162
Transoceanic Aviation Fatalities, 1919-1939 Dr. Richard K. Smith 182
First Women's Air Derby - Santa Monica to Cleveland H. Glenn Buffington 188
U. S. Civil Aircraft Registers Robert K. Parmerter 190
William Tell International--1920?  Robert L. Cavanagh 196
Fifty Years of Transatlantic Flight Part II 1945-84 Dr. Richard K. Smith 197
P-47 Crashes in the Netherlands, 1939-1945 A. P. de Jong 209
Seven Months and Three Days ( 1941-42) Col. Bob Jones,(Ret.)/ Richard R. Slater 215
Early Nebraska National Guard Aviation Douglas R. Hartman 226
Case History of the V-72, A-31 and A-35 Airplane Project  files G. Balzer 243
Fairchild SD-5 Surveillance Drone, The Kent A. Mitchell 252
Medal of Honor Aviators Major Gregory Boyington William J. Bennett 262
Charles Leland Webber (Pioneer Army Aviator) Frank Kent Rogers 264
B-24 Liberator Log  A. T. Lloyd 282
Curtiss-Wright St. Louis Frederick W. Ross 293
American Gyro AG-4, The Alexander (Sandy) Roca 306
Musketeer Menagerie, A (The 110th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Over Japan) Michael Moskow 312

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