AAHS Journal Volume 32 (1987)
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Early Airlines (Part VI)  Kenn C. Rust 2
Journey to Caribou Land (Carl Ben Eielson, Alaska's Pioneer Aviator) Martin Cole 22
Flying the Fortress into Combat Boardman C. Reed, Lt. Col. USAF, Ret 27
American Aviators in Armor Joshua Stoff 34
Life and Times of the Curtiss XO-18s, The Peter Bowers 42
Existing P-47 Thunderbolts in the United States Leslie K. Sargent 48
Brewster 'Blaster', The  Fritz Gemeinhardt, David Lucabaugh and Bob Martin 58
Fairchild Model 91 Amphibian, The Matthew E. Rodina, Jr 82
Minority of One, A (General Gordon P. Saville) Lt. Kenneth Schaffel 104
Recollections of Douglas 1925-1960 Arthur E. Raymond 110
Early Airlines (Part VII)  Kenn C. Rust. 126
Martin MBT / MT Story, The John M. Elliott, Maj. USMC (Ret.) 144
Saga of the Fairchild AT-21, The Kent A. Mitchell 162
30 Years Young (The KC-135 Celebrates 30 Years of Flight) A. T. Lloyd 172
Wedell-Williams Air Service Corp. and Air Racing (Part I The Corporation) Bob Hirsch 182
Grumman Gun Turret  Chuck Hansen 198
Yoxford Boys and the Anhem Affair, The Merle C. Olmsted 202
Early Airlines (Accidents List-1926-1941) Kenn C. Rust 212
Wee Bee the Complete Story George L. Ardwin 224
Wedell-Williams Air Service Corp. and Air Racing (Part II-1) The Racers Bob Hirsch 242
Reminiscences of a Radio Operator N. M. Parnell 254
Air Force Bases: 1947-1987 (Part 1of 2 Parts) Mark L. Morgan 266
Flying the Hump (America's First Military Airlift) Roger D. Launius 278
Eyes of the Fleet, The Francis J. Allen 294
Truth About the 14th Squadron, The (Foreign Volunteers in China) William Labussiere 294
C3R Chronicle Thomas E. Lowe & Kenneth D. Wilson. 306

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