AAHS Journal Volume 31 (1986)
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Historic Flight of the China Clipper Richard L. Kruse 2
History of 4105th AAF Base Unit 1945-1948 Frank Schirmer, Col. USAF, Ret 12
Douglas DC-3-- Wings of the World, The (Part II) Henry M. Holden 26
Floats, Boats and Amphibians Lloyd R. Jarman 44
Early Airlines (Part II)  Kenn C. Rust. 58
Mayday Skyrays, The (Douglas Testing Division F4D-1, 1954-1959) Nicholas M. Williams 82
Early Airlines (Part III)  Kenn C. Rust 106
U. S. Army Air Service Organization (Mid-November 1921) R. L. Cavanagh 122
Douglas DC-3-- Wings of the World, The (Part III) Henry M. Holden 126
Singapore Mission (The Last 13th Air Force Mission of WW II) Richard F. Brown 139
Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here! Part I Captain Barry J. Anderson, USAF 144 
Early Airlines (Part IV)  Kenn C. Rust 162
U. S. Army Airplane Inventory, 1940 R. L. Cavanagh 182
Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here! Part II Captain Barry J. Anderson, USAF 202
Bombing Squadron Seven G. F. P. Kernahan 208
More on the TWA Fokker F-10A Crash From the files of Richard S. Allen 228
Harriman Motor Works Albert A. Le Shane 242
Santa Fe Skyway John Berry 256
Walter T. Varney Barbara Wood and Leland S. Prior 264
Sixty Years of Aviation History Harold R. Harris, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) 269
Franklin Sports, Those Ralph Johnson / Kenn C. Rust 278
Saga of the Spirit of St. Louis Nose Cone Robert C. Mikesh 284
Early Airlines (Part V)  Kenn C. Rust 288
101st Squadron Massachusetts ANG Ronald W. Harrison and Tom Cuddy 308
326 The Phantom Deuce John F. Vadas 318

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