AAHS Journal Volume 30 - 1985
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Coping With Charlie Mike O'Conner 2
Waco Story, The, (Pt. III)  Herm Schreiner 12
Kiwi and the Skyhawk (The McDonnell Douglas A-4 in the Royal New Zealand Air Force) F. J. Amody 20
Frank Luke's Elgin at the Air Force Museum 23
Woolaroc! Ed Phillips 24
Moffett Field (The Army Days Remembered) Peter M. Bowers 36
ERCO (Engineering and Research Corporation) Chuck Hansen 42
Early Non-Rigid Dirigibles 1898-1915 (Roy Knabenshue and His Era) Arthur E. Raymond 58
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 74, 156, 235, 315
TWA Fokker F-10A Crash Richard L. Seely 76
Douglas Skyray in Fleet Colors, The (Pt. III) Nicholas M. Williams 82
Mustangs in Aerial Combat - The Korean War David R. McLaren 94
Last Flight, The Harold O. Christensen 102
When Curtiss Racers Ruled the Roost Geoffrey Rossano 109 
Los Angeles Eastside Airport Martin Cole 114 
Fall from Grace (The Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, 1932-42) Jim Maas 118 
High Wind at Oakwood Heights Henry Sarrano Villard 136
NAS Lakehurst - The War Years (A Photographic History) William F. Althoff 140
Moment of Truth M/Sgt. Fritz Gemeinhardt, USMC (Ret.) 152
Thunderbirds in the Southwest Desert Charles F. Hyer 162
Rudy Belarski (Dean of the Aviation Pulp Illustrators William D. Feeny 182
Naval Convairs (The First Thirty Years) Nicholas M. Williams 188
Medal of Honor Aviators (Knight, Raymond Larry, 1/Lt., USSAF) William J. Bennett 200
Last Seen in Combat Area Merle C. Olmsted 202
Japanese Severskys, The  Noboru Jyoko 214
On the Edge of Greatness (The Aviation Career of Charles D. Koch) Allen Herr 218
Seventeen Bits and Pieces of the Ragged Irregulars during the Secod World War (addendum) Paul M. Andrews 238
Flight Radio Navigator (Adventures with Pan American Air Ferries 1942) (addendum) W. Donald Thomas, Lt. USNR (Ret.) 240
Douglas DC-3, The (Wings of the World), Pt. I Henry M. Holden 242
Early Airlines (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2) Kenn C. Rust 260
Medal of Honor Aviators (Elrod, Henry Talmadge, Capt., USMC) William J. Bennett 280
Forgotten Missile, The (The Kettering-General Motors A-1) Kenneth P. Werrell 284
Howard Hughes' Efforts to Preserve the Spruce Goose Lois J. Roberts 294 
Boeing Stratocruise/Stratofreighter in Israeli Service, The Noam Hartoch 307
North American Aviation P-51H Mustang, The, (addendum) David R. McLaren 318
DC-2, the Dutch, and the 1934 Melbourne Race, The (addendum) H. C. Kavelaars 320
Ruth Nichols (addendum) R. M. Valerioti 320

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