AAHS Journal Volume 28 - 1983
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Out in The Blue, The War Diary of John R. 'Killer' Kane, Pts. II Kenn C. Rust (ed.) 32, 126, (addendum) 158, 252
Starduster, The (A History of the 406th Fighter Group) W. L. Matthews, Jr. 41
Pineapple Airlines (An Operational History of VR-21) Nicholas M. Williams 51, 162
Last Flight of Lawrence B. Sperry, The Victor N. Smith 70
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 73, (addendum) 78, 149, 246
Saga of a Square Tail Stearman (addendum) Thomas E. Lowe & Kenneth D. Wilson 76, 78
Sikorsky Flying Boats (addendum) Ralph B. Lightfoot 76, 79, 155, 251
Lockheed Orion 9D, The (addendum) 79, 157
Race from Point Zero, The Curtiss vs. Wright Robert E. Johnson 82
Pirus 93
Operation Sun-Run Paul D. Stevens 96
Douglas DC-1, The, 50 Years Ago Mauno Salo 105, (addendum) 249
What Killed Harriet Quimby? Frank J. Delear 118
Davis-Monthan, Home of the USA's 'Surplus' Air Force Philip D. Chinnery 121
Jim Warner - Radioman Tom Warner 140
Guided Missiles U.S. Navy, The Pioneer (addendum) R/Adm. D. S. Fahrney 152
Last Brown-Built Airplane Was NOT a Speedster, The (addendum) George E. Cull 152, 252
Eight Sixteen (addendum) M/Sgt. John Vadas 154
Birth of an Airport (addendum) Paul D. Friedman 155
Keystone Patrician, The (addendum) Edward Peck 157
Harriet Quimby, America's First Woman Pilot , (addendum) Hugh Powell 159
Fairchild FC-2 George H. Clapp 159, 252
Fairchild FC-2 (addendum) George H. Clapp 159, 252
Crash of the TWA Fokker F-10A, The Mauno Salo 178
Doing Their Duty Side by Side (American Aviation Personnel in Allied Service Geoffrey Rossano 181
Underwriter's Laboratories Aircraft and Pilots Registers (RP 7811) Edward F. Leiser 19
Lockheed Constellation, The (A History) (Pt. I) Louis Barr 190
Lillie-Vought Biplane (Chance M. Vought's Early Designs of World War I Era) Arthur L. Schoeni 206
U.S.S. INTREPID Air Museum Henry M. Holden 228
Column Cover (The 366th Fighter Group in WW II)(Pt. I), Harold Norman Holt, Col. USAF (Ret.) 232
Hollywood's 13 Black Cats John Alden Barclay 243
Curtiss Condor II (addendum) 254
There's More to Flying Than Meets the Sky (addendum) 2/Lt. Jan Wood 254
Pineapple Airlines (An Operational History of VR-21) (addendum) Nicholas M. Williams 254

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