AAHS Journal Volume 27 - 1982
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
NAS Lakehurst 1921-1941 William F. Althoff 2
Guided Missiles U.S. Navy, The Pioneer R/Adm. D. S. Fahrney 15, (addendum) 320
Larry Bell Museum Jay Miller 29
Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company, The, Pt. I Jack Kennedy 34
Final Report of Development, Procurement, Performance & Acceptance of XP-39E Airplanes C. L. Hall 55
Excerpts from Bell XP-39E Flight Test Report 23-943-039 Robert M. Stanley 64
'Big Stud' Flies Again Barrett Tillman 69
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 70, 151, 234, 310
North American Aviation, Inc., Chronology of First Flights (addendum) Norman L. Avery 73
Spartan Executive, The (addendum) Peter Berry 73
Warbird Tech Data, A History of the Handbooks That Are Becoming as Rare as the Warbirds Themselves (addendum) Walter D. House 73, 78, 79, 155, 239
North American Aviation P-51H Mustang, The, (addendum) David R. McLaren 76
Seventeen Bits and Pieces, Pt. II: 3rd Air Div. (addendum) Paul M. Andrews 78, 316
Long Rangers Insignia of the 307th Bomb Group (H) WW II Tom Britton 80
Saga of a Square Tail Stearman Thomas E. Lowe & Kenneth D. Wilson 82
Unscheduled Stop, An Ralph Johnston 92
Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company, The, Pt. II Jack Kennedy 97
Final Report of the Procurement, Inspection, Testing and Acceptance of the Lockheed XP-58 Airplanes P. B. Smith 120
Consolidated Model 31/XP4Y-1 'Corregidor' Flying Boat, The Chuck Hansen 136
We Got Ours at Night (The Story of the Lockheed F-94 Starfire in Combat) Francis J. Amody 151
Design and Construction of the NC Flying Boats (addendum) G. C. Westervelt 153
Charles Linbergh: A Closer Look (addendum) Frank J. Dealear 154
Sikorsky S-43, The (addendum) Mauno Salo 154, 157, N/64
Some Random Thoughts on Wing Collecting (addendum) Merle Olmsted 155
Douglas Skyray in Fleet Colors, The (Pt. II) (addendum) Nicholas M. Williams 156, 
Combat Cargo Groups - WW II (addendum) Tom Britton & Clyde Osborne 158
Remembering the C-109 (addendum) Eugene J. Millikin 160
Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company, The, Pt. III Jack Kennedy 162
Johnny Crowell: Aircraftsman, Exhibition Pilot, and Inventor Thomas E. Lowe 210
Last Brown-Built Airplane Was NOT a Speedster, The George E. Cull 219
Out in The Blue, The War Diary of John R. 'Killer' Kane, Pts. I Kenn C. Rust (ed.) 223, 263
Lockheed Orion 9D, The (addendum) 237, 322
445th BG Mission to Gotha, The (addendum) 238
Spanish Seversky, The (addendum) C. S. Ackley 238
In Memoriam W. D. 'Billy' Parker, 1899-1981 (addendum) 239
B-29 Insignia Robert F. Schirmer 240
Fighter Operations of the Chinese-American Composite Wing Carl Molesworth & H. Stephens Moseley 242
Invisible Task Force, The Chuck McDonald 258
Eight Sixteen M/Sgt. John Vadas 261
Harriet Quimby, America's First Woman Pilot Hugh Powell 273
Handful of Pilots, A L/Col. Joseph V. Potter 282
Mystery Ship Ed Phillips 286
There's More to Flying Than Meets the Sky 2/Lt. Jan Wood 296
Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company, The, (addendum) Jack Kennedy 308, 314
Lightplane Proposals for a Warplane Role (addendum) Vera F. Rollo 315
Lockheed C-121A Constellations in USAF and Civilian Service (addendum) Robert C. Mikesh 315
Case History of XP-77 Airplane Project (addendum) Historical Office, Air Tech. Serv. Comm. 316
Final Report of the XP-77 Airplane (addendum) Capt. George D. Colchagoff 316
Ross Hadley's Stearman/Beech (addendum) Dustin W. Carter 318
Civil B-26 Marauder, The (addendum) Roger F. Besecker 319
Lost and Found (addendum) Ivar L. Shogran 319
Mystery of the Missing Mohawk , (addendum) Jay Miller 319
Squadron Insignia, U.S. Naval Aircraft Donald White d-2IRC

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