AAHS Journal Volume 26 - 1981
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Early Aerial Exploration of Antarctica with Airplanes J. C. D. Blane 2
Civil B-25 Mitchells in Argentina Marcelo W. Miranda 12, (addendum) 254
Keith Rider R-6, The Behind the Eight Ball Mike Kusenda 15, (addendum) 251
Plucked Hawks - The Curtiss XP-46 and XP-46A Gerry Beauchamp 26, (addendum) 173
Nixon Special, The Robert H. Stepanek 30
Lakehurst Naval Air Demonstration of 1924, The William F. Althoff & Michael C. Miller 34, N/64
Mystery of the Missing Mohawk Jay Miller 53, (addendum) 248
Spanish Seversky, The C. S. Ackley 60, (addendum) 252
Forum of Flight Timothy Williams & Gerald Balzer 68
25 Years Ago, Introduction William T. Larkins 88
Civil B-26 Marauder, The (addendum) Roger F. Besecker 89, 251
Bill McMahon, The Mooney 'Flivver' and the Gray Goose (addendum) John A. de Vries 90
North American Aviation Training Aircraft (addendum) Dustin W. Carter 90
Sikorsky Flying Boats (addendum) Ralph B. Lightfoot 90
Seventeen Bits and Pieces, Pt. II: 3rd Air Div. (addendum) Paul M. Andrews 90, t-248
Huffman Prairie (addendum) G. Allison Long 91
Shootout at Palembang (addendum) R/Adm. K. L. Veth 91
Spartan Executive, The (addendum) Peter Berry 91, 95, 336
Lockheed C-121A Constellations in USAF and Civilian Service (addendum) Robert C. Mikesh 92
North American Aviation P-51H Mustang, The, (addendum) David R. McLaren 94, 337
Keystone Patrician, The (addendum) Edward Peck 95
Waco Story, The, (Pt. I) (addendum) Herm Schreiner 95, 248
Insignia of the Jolly Rogers, 90th Bomb Group Tom Britton 96
Douglas Skyray in Fleet Colors, The (Pt. II) Nicholas M. Williams 98
Twenty-Two Hour Airplane, The David Bean 116
Transatlantic Flight of the Daily Graphic, The Robert H. Stepanek 143, (addendum) 243
Eye in the Sky (The Boeing F-13) David B. Morse 150
Forum of Flight Pat Macha 169
1948 National Air Races (addendum) 172, 336
Combat Cargo Groups - WW II Tom Britton & Clyde Osborne 175
Sikorsky S-43, The Mauno Salo 178
David Daniel Hatfield, 1903-1981 Herm Schreiner 197
Lost and Found Ivar L. Shogran 198
Major General Mason M. Patrick, Military Aviation Pioneer Louis A. Peake 200
Warbird Tech Data, A History of the Handbooks That Are Becoming as Rare as the Warbirds Themselves Walter D. House 205
First Air Depot, The, Colombey-les-Belles, France, 1918 James J. (John) Sloan 221
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 244, 333
Ross Hadley's Stearman/Beech (addendum) Dustin W. Carter 247
In Memoriam W. D. 'Billy' Parker, 1899-1981  271
Remembering the C-109 Eugene J. Millikin 272
Design and Construction of the NC Flying Boats G. C. Westervelt 279
Charles Linbergh: A Closer Look Frank J. Dealear 304
Case History of XP-77 Airplane Project Historical Office, Air Tech. Serv. Comm. 311
Final Report of the XP-77 Airplane Capt. George D. Colchagoff 314
Some Random Thoughts on Wing Collecting Merle Olmsted 328
Mediterranean Marauder Markings (addendum) Victor C. Tannehill 336
Parker and His Pushers (addendum) George F. Maxfield 336
Insignia of the Air Apaches, 345th Bomb Group (H) in World War II Tom Britton 344
Insignia of the 398th Bomb Group (H), Hell from Heaven Tom Britton 3IRC

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