AAHS Journal Volume 25 - 1980
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Lockheed Vegas in Southeastern Alaska James A. Ruotsala 2, (addendum) 89, 337
Lockheed C-121A Constellations in USAF and Civilian Service Robert C. Mikesh 10
Hawk Eighty-One Eric H. Hart 19
Ross Hadley's Stearman/Beech Dustin W. Carter 26
Decommissioned U.S.S. Los Angeles, The, Pt. II William F. Althoff 29
Sabre Tooth Cheetahs of Osan, The Francis J. Amody 42
Formula 1 Don Berliner 57
Southern Cross Revisited, The Charles A. Kingsford-Smith & Douglas I. Pirus 63
Shootout at Palembang R/Adm. K. L. Veth 72
Forum of Flight Pat Macha 74, 154, 316
Lockheed's Model 10 Electra (addendum) Thomas M. Emmert & William T. Larkins 77
Mediterranean Marauder Markings (addendum) Victor C. Tannehill 78
Seventeen Bits and Pieces, Pt. II: 3rd Air Div. (addendum) Paul M. Andrews 79, 320
Insignia of XX Bomber Command Tom Britton 80
Globemaster, The Douglas C-74 Nicholas M. Williams 82, (addendum) 239
Huffman Prairie G. Allison Long 107
Keystone Patrician, The Edward Peck 112
North American Aviation P-51H Mustang, The, Pt. I David R. McLaren 124
Historical Reflections Philip Jarrett 140
Spartan Executive, The Peter Berry 145
Dick Grace & His Waterhouse Cruzair (addendum) Eugene J. Millikin 159
Flights of the Liberty, The (addendum) Jens P. Johansen 159
Sikorsky Flying Boats (addendum) Ralph B. Lightfoot 159
Insignia of the 'Flying Circus' (380th Bomb Group (H), 1942 to 1945) Tom Britton 160
Mexican Naval Aviation (1917-1979) Santiago Flores Ruiz 181
Parker and His Pushers George F. Maxfield 187
Seizure of the North American NA-68 and NA-69 Edward M. Young 194
425, An Example of Liftmaster Longevity Nicholas M. Williams 199
North American Aviation P-51H Mustang, The, Pt. II David R. McLaren 203
Forum of Flight Norman L. Avery 234
Fabulous Gee Bees, The (addendum) Phillip C. Brown 237
Last of a Breed, The: A Synopsis of the World's Only Surviving Boeing F4B-4 (addendum) Jess C. Barrow 237
North American Aviation P-51H Mustang, The, (addendum) David R. McLaren 238
51st Fighter Group, Insignia and Early History Homer's Volunteer Group Tom Britton 240
Eastward Ho by Air, A History of Boston-Maine and Central Vermont Airways Paul S. Larcom 242
Convair YC-131C Turboliners, The Nicholas M. Williams 251
Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside: In the Skies over Western Europe Ed Turley 260
Navigation in the 1926 Ford Reliability Tour Ed Phillips 268
Duel Over the Dragon's Jaw Michael O'Connor 273
Lark-95, The George E. Cull 277
Waco Story, The, (Pt. I)  Herm Schreiner 281
In Memoriam Dave Fox, 1920-1980 300
Chanute Air Force Base Marks Its Diamond Jubilee (addendum) Thomas S. Snyder 321
Hamilton Air Force Base, 1931 -1950: A Pictorial Tribute (addendum) Chuck Hansen 321
North American Aviation, Inc., Chronology of First Flights (addendum) Norman L. Avery t-239

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