AAHS Journal Volume 24 - 1979
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Article Author Page
Seadart: U.S. Navy XF2Y-1 and YF2Y-1 Experimental Supersonic Seaplanes Billy Jack Long 2
Camera in the Sky:The Dallin Aerial Surveys Co. 1924-1941 Milton Sheppard 13
Red-Tailed Beauties of the 7th Bomb-Wing, The Meyers K. Jacobsen 19
Mosquito Gene Risedorph 45
Military Aircraft Displays in California Bruce Orriss 52
Mediterranean Marauder Markings Victor C. Tannehill 55, 240
Memoirs of Pilot Elwyn H. Gibbon, The Mad Irishman (addendum) Edward L. Leiser 75
Decommissioned U.S.S. LOS ANGELES, The. Part I: 1932-1940 (addendum) William F. Althoff 76
Lockheed's Model 10 Electra (addendum) Thomas M. Emmert & William T. Larkins 76, 77, 160
Forum of Flight Pat Macha 78, (addendum) 240, 316
North American XB-28, The Jim Tuttle 83
Lammot Dupont Aeronautical Collection of Aircraft Negatives, The Milton Sheppard 90, (addendum) 321
North American Aviation Training Aircraft Dustin W. Carter 99, (addendum) 319, 320
Flights of the Liberty, The Jens P. Johansen 111
Rider R-3 at the Bradley Air Museum, The Robert H. Stepanek 122
Douglas Navy F4D FORD, The Jerry O'Rourke 125
Dick Grace & His Waterhouse Cruzair Eugene J. Millikin 132, (addendum) 319
NC-4, The Flight Lt. Cdr. Albert C. Read 144
North American Aviation, Inc., Chronology of First Flights Norman L. Avery 147, (addendum) 320
Rider R-4 Schoenfeldt Firecracker, The (addendum) Mike Kusenda 157
U.S. Airmail, 60 Years Young (addendum) Donald B. Holmes 157
U.S. Civil B-25s (addendum) William T. Larkins 157
Lighter-Than-Air Flight in America, 1784-1910 Henry R. Palmer Jr. 162
Fabulous Gee Bees, The  Phillip C. Brown 187
Seventeen Bits and Pieces, Pt. I: 1st Air Div. Paul M. Andrews 202
Forced Landing; Winter Sport on a Pennsylvania Hilltop Phillips Melville 214
Last of a Breed, The: A Synopsis of the World's Only Surviving Boeing F4B-4 Jess C. Barrow 235
North American P-64 (addendum) Harry Gann 239
Sikorsky Flying Boats Ralph B. Lightfoot 242
Nuclear Neptunes Early Days of Composite Squadrons 5 & 6 Chuck Hansen 262
Hamilton Air Force Base, 1931 -1950: A Pictorial Tribute Chuck Hansen 269
Lighter Side of Cockpits, The Jim Tuttle 273
Harry Lyon and the Southern Cross Lloyd S. Gates 279
Bill McMahon, The Mooney 'Flivver' and the Gray Goose John A. de Vries 288
Texan Warriors, T-6 Aircraft in French Service V. E. Ferry 291
Seventeen Bits and Pieces, Pt. II: 3rd Air Div. Paul M. Andrews 303
K-6 Scrapbook (addendum) Alfred E. Cornebise 319
Ryan Mechanics Monoplane Co. (addendum) 319

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