AAHS Journal Volume 22 (1977)
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
Lindbergh's Return to Minnesota Bruce L. Larson 2, (addendum) 154
Reflections on Lindy Dustin W. Carter 10
Futuristic Hawks Gerry Beauchamp 12
Brig Young: A Man of Aviation's Golden Age Ed Young 28
Will the REAL F-109 Please Stand Up? Frederick W. Roos 34, (addendum) 321
Number of U.S. Aircraft - WWI Robert Casari 36
Broken-Nose Commando, The Ted J. Gibson 39
Fairchild XNQ-1/T-31 Trainer, The Kent Mitchell 48, (addendum) 320
National Stearman Fly-In, The Kenneth D. Wilson 56
USN & USMC Units and Their Identification Codes, Pt. III  Duane A. Kasulka 62
Willis L. Nye Update 66
Japanese Warhawk (addendum) 67, 318
New York-Toronto Air Race: An Addendum Kenneth M. Molson 70
Tokyo Raid of April 18, 1942 - 35th Anniv. Mauno Salo 76
Forum of Flight Robert L. Lawson 78, 159, 238
Powering Army Aircraft through 1915 Robert B. Casari 91
Flying Aces Air Circus Thomas E. Lowe 107
Florida Airways Albert A. LeShane, Jr. 123
North American's B-25 Transports Norman L. Avery 136
Skibirds on the Icecap John H. Cloe 142
Bicentennial Parade (addendum) Gerald Markgraf 155, 156
Forward Air Control in the Korean War (addendum) Major Tim Cline 157
Planes They Flew in Spain, The Ray Wagner 179
Wings Over the Ozarks, Pt. I Glennon Kidd 181
When We'd Only Just Begun An Early Rescue Attempt, 1963 Earl H. Tilford, Jr. 188
U.S. Military Aircraft and Equipment Research Sources Chuck Hansen 193
Lightplane Proposals for a Warplane Role Vera F. Rollo 198
Skyshark, Son of Spad Gerry Markgraf 200
Three Musketeers, The  Merle C. Olmsted 216
Nose Stand of the U.S.S. LOS ANGELES William F. Althoff 225, (addendum) 323

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