AAHS Journal Volume 21 (1976)
Table of Contents



Article Author Page
First Aerial Voyage in America, The D. H. Robinson, M.D. 3
First Kill, The Barrett Tillman 25
Excalibur, The (addendum) 31, 288
Racing Curtiss Triplanes, The Thomas G. Foxworth 32, (addendum) 288
Handley Page Agreement, 1918, The John A. Bagley 38
With the Byrd North Pole Expedition E. J. (Pete) Demas 4
Postwar Use of the Handley Page in U.S. John W. Underwood 46
Douglas F4D-1 Skyray Record Flights Nicholas M. Williams 50
Charles Willard- The Creative Years Martin Cole & Herman L. Schreiner 62, (addendum)   288
Grim Reapers, The (addendum) 71
Piper Cub Goes to War Devon Francis 72
Dr. August Greth and the First Airship Flight in the United States Dr. Douglas H. Robinson 84
Search for Leon Klink, The Jack Keasler 92
Super Electra-Lockheed's Model 14 Thomas M. Emmert & William T. Larkins 101, (addendum) 289
Helicopter Rescue The Early Years Merle Olmsted 112
Pacific Privateers VPB-121 in WW II Joseph C. Woolf 118, (addendum) 289
Round Hill Airport Wallace L. Smith 126
People Who Fly Martin Cole 128
USN & USMC Units and Their Identification Codes, Pt. I, Duane A. Kasulka 129
Pulp to Slick Herman L. Schreiner 144
From Pulp to Stick Herman L. Schreiner 145
Dauntlesses Over Midway Barrett Tillman 154, (addendum) 289
Conquering the Continental Divide Martin Cole 168
USN & USMC Units and Their Identification Codes, Pt. II, Duane A. Kasulka 185
I Was There: Wright Flight, 1910 Joseph R. McQuilkin 199
Convair 880, The Jonathan Proctor 202
Errett Lobban Cord Story, The Robert Fabris 214
Ordeal of Lieutenants Peterson and Davis, The Stacy Hinkle 219
Three Wars and Thirty Years Barrett Tillman 228
44 Year-Old Salute to Robert Short, A Martin Cole 239
Lindbergh Crate, The Tom Emmert 240
Forward Air Control in the Korean War Major Tim Cline 257
Convair 990, The Jonathan Proctor 274
Republic XR-12 Rainbow, The Lin Hendrix 282
Dole Race, The (Pts. 1 & 2) (addendum) 288
Bicentennial Parade Gerald Markgraf 290
Jimmy Doolittle, The First 80 Years Barrett Tillman 297

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