AAHS Journal Volume 3 (1958)
Table of Contents


Article Author Page
The Skipping Characteristics of Some Flying Boats Mitch Mayborn 1:1
Fokker Dr. I 2009/18 John R. Sharp 1:8
DN-1, The US Navy's First Dirigible Lt. Col. Robert H. Rankin, USMC 1:9
Do. 200 - Made in U.S.A. Roger A. Freeman 1:11
Further Notes on the Museum of Science and Industry Gregory C. Kohn 1:12
The Golden Years of Flying Bill Rhode 1:13
Preview of Plastics for 1958 George J Letzter 1:17
A Challenge - Accepted Gregory C. Kohn 1:18
WW-I Photos Available from the Imperial War Museum Mauno Salo 1:22
Introduction to the Vultee V-1A (continued) Gregory C. Kohn 1:25
Conversion Charts Mauno Salo 1:31
Baby Blue Blimps 1:32
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 1:33
Duster Heaven Harry S. Gann Jr. 1:35
New Standards on the 1945 Register Harry S. Gann Jr. 1:38
Movie Aircraft Photo Page 1:39
Description and Worth of Air Service Information Circulars John Sloan 1:41
Northrop XFT-1 (3-view plan) Peter M. H. Lewis 1:43
The Jarrett Museum of World War I Aviation Col. G.B. Jarrett 1:44
Seversky Photo Page 1:49
"K" of New Haven - Sally Soverign Gregory C. Kohn 1:50
To Arm, Men John Sloan 1:51
Genealogy of the Curtiss Sparrowhawk Dirigible Fighters Willis L. Nye 2:70
Chronological History of the F9C-2 and its use on the AKRON and MACON John C. Mitchell, Cmdr USNR 2:100
Japanese and German Aircraft on Outdoor Exhibit 2:110
How to Draw a 3-View from One Photograph H.L. Kelley 2:111
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 2:116
Jagdeschwader #1 Field Book 2:118
The Sikorsky S-35 and the First New York to Paris Attempt Mitch Mayborn 2:119
Competition for the Dragon 2:129
Surplus Aircraft at Litchfield Park Brian R. Baker 2:131
The Lost Airports Bill Rhode 3:137
The Navy's Light Bombing Wing William A. Riley, Jr. 3:148
Additional Aviation Movies Frank Strnad 3:152
Bibliography of Hollywood Aviation Motion Picture Material Frank Strnad 3:158
The Air Museum Rev. Boardman C. Reed 3:162
The Curtiss SOC Seagull David Brazelton 3:167
The "Century of Progress" Story Gregory C. Kohn 3:172
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 3:177
Bellanca Production List William T. Larkins 3:179
The 1910 Boston Globe Air Meet L.E. Opdycke 3:186
Foreign Aircraft on the US Civil Register 3:191
P-47 Serial Number Allocation 3:194
Aircraft in the Thompson Products Museum Frank Strnad 3:200
The Goodyear Amphibians Brian R. Baker 3:202
Reference Material on the Fokker DR-I Gary Fisk 3:204
The Story of Lockheed Vega NR-496M Gregory C. Kohn 4:214
Historical Vignette Willis L. Nye 4:225
Historical Aviation Films Hugh Wynne 4:226
Braniff Airways Lockheed Vega Crash Report Air Commerce Bulletin, Vol 7, No 10 4:233
War Surplus - Post World War I Style 4:234
Early Operations with the 31st and 350th Fighter Groups Lt. Col. Gerard DuKet as recorded by John Sloan 4:242
Antoinette Model I (Gastambide & Mengin) Feb/1908, 3-View 4:244
Antoinette Model II (Gastambide & Mengin) Aug/1908, 3-View  4:245
Antoinette Model III, 1908, 3-View 4:246
Antoinette Model IV, 1909, 3-View 4:247
Official British and Australian Air Histories of WW-II 4:248
The Navy's Non-rigid Airships Raymond J. Schmitt 4:249
Flying Saucers Frederick Gardner Freeman Jr. 4:256
Battle Participation of Organizations of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, Belgium and Italy, 1917-1918 Extract from US Government Printing Office 1920 4:258
Official Report of the Post-Rogers Orion Crash Air Commerce Bulletin, Vol 7, No 4, 1935 4:265
Seversky Photographs 4:267
Imperial War Museum Photo List, German Aircraft 1914-1918 Edited by K.M. Molson 4:270
War Photos Available from the RCAF K.M. Molson 4:279
Camels and Characters Frank Yeoman 4:281

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